Writing the Collage

I love this assignment.


I'm trying to think how I can work it into my comp 1.  I'm imaging my students' faces if I say they have a five page single-spaced paper right off the bat.  I think I could tie it in with a journal assignment, though.  They could select examples of both formal and informal writing for the collage, excerpts from both essays and journal sketches.  Hmmm…

We have so much emphasis on everyone doing that same thing that it is difficult sometimes to just take off with a great idea, but I do love this assignment.  It breaks everything down to what matters about the writing itself (as opposed to the academic restrictions on that writing), the impact of the sentences, the individual stand-out moments.  The voice.  The voice. 

I think my weekend has just been stolen by the impulse to write my own collage. 

Here's more on the written (hypertext) collage from Doug Eyman.


And here's something from Peter Elbow about the collage as a collaborative assignment.


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  1. Thanks for these links– I’m about to teach a course called “Generations,” and this might be a really neat assignment for midway through the semester, since everything they will be writing will concern family. The collaborative idea is especially intriguing….

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