The Wii and Me (The Diet, Day 16)

I don’t know how many calories I’m burning playing Wii sports, but my arms are sore after just a few days of playing.  I must be doing something.

I’m improving, but I still suspect that my nephew would vote me the worst Wii player ever.  My skill level is actually 0 in golf.  I’ve never played real golf or even watched people play real golf, but I keep keep getting double bogeys on the Wii.  That should count for more than 0.

Right now I have most everything set to play left-handed.  It occurs to me that I might need to switch that off to right-handed every few days.  I haven’t heard of any cases of asymmetrical Wii fitness, but it could happen.

All in all, I’m happy I bought it.  I was very happy I bought it this afternoon when I got in my car and the Toyota thermometer read 110.  I don’t think I could double bogey outdoors in conditions like that.  And even if I don’t burn that many calories swinging a remote control at an imaginary tennis ball, I at least burn more than I would sitting on the couch.

More than that, my thirty minutes I’ve allotted for swinging at imaginary balls when I come in from work seems to be helping me relax.  It’s a high anxiety life out there, outside my front door.  I’ll take my relaxation anywhere I can get it.

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