Minos Revisited (The Diet, Day 15)

Minos, the judge of the bathroom scales, says today that after 15 days of dieting, hard dieting, and hardly dieting, I’ve lost 1.8 pounds.  Sigh.  I remember a time when I could lose five pounds just by thinking about going on a diet.  I’m having to work for every ounce here.  Minos is unrelenting.

If I weren’t blogging about it, I’m sure I’d throw up my hands in defeat at this point, but too many people know I’m dieting now.  I have to keep going just because I said I was going to.

The next few days will be rough for dieting.  It’s the first week back at work.  My time is very regimented with meeting after meeting, and other people are trying to feed me.  It will be hard when I’m trying to feed myself and going to work every day too, but at least I can blame myself with gusto then and not get dragged down feeling bad about blaming other people.

The school fed us today.  The choices were better for vegetarians this year than they were last year, but they still weren’t very good for dieting vegetarians.  If I had been completely strict about my diet, I would have eaten a plate of iceberg lettuce with no dressing, and absolutely nothing else.  After sitting through meetings all morning, I needed more fortifying than that.  I cheated and put ranch on my iceberg.  I also ate a chunk of potato covered in butter.  That’s an equal opportunity side dish.  It’s banned no matter whose diet you’re on.

Tomorrow will be more of the same.  I’ve considered taking my own lunch and hiding in my office.  This would spare me some major diet guilt and perhaps help me appease the judge of the bathroom scales a little faster.  But you see it’s like this…

The social interaction between meetings is the only thing that makes a whole day of meetings livable.

If I hole up alone I might as well just go on down to the Dairy Queen for a Butter Finger Blizzard.  I’ll be too depressed to move, and I’ll never lose weight that way.

So I’ll just muddle through and hope I come up with a good idea for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I feel wiped out.  I have to either do some time on the treadmill now or crawl up in the bed extremely early.  I guess I’ll decide which on my way down the hall.

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