Meeting Minos at the scales, or after one week on The Diet

For the gluttonous, Minos wraps his tail around himself three times, indicating that they are not the worst of the sinners, but they indeed face severe consequences. Their punishment lies beyond that of the lustful. They go to Circle 3, whereas even the most famous of illicit lovers reside in Circle 2.

In Circle 3, Cerberus, the three-headed dog, chews on the gluttonous as they lie in their eternal beds of stench and sewage. They have made their own filth, their own unwanted excess, and they must wallow in it.

The tempest of the lustful would be far preferable. While still a torment, it is at least a torment that smells better.

Minos doesn’t get much credit as a judge these days, but he is still the judge of the bathroom scales. Those seeking penance for their sins of gluttony still approach him with fear and trembling.

Minos is determined to make me suffer.

After one week on The Diet, I have lost exactly nothing. Not a pound, not an ounce. The lizard that lives in my crepe myrtle has lost more weight than I have this week.

When you are young, I think, Minos is more indulgent. Smaller penances reap greater rewards. When you are old enough that you ought to have learned your lessons by now, you have to live with the full awareness of the mess of your own making much longer before Minos begins to relent.

The climb out of perdition is steep and not for the weak of heart.

Oh, Minos, you jerk. You have not defeated me yet. I’ll see you again next week.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Minos at the scales, or after one week on The Diet”

  • I like the way you think. 🙂

    And yes, I keep meaning to buy some brown rice, but I never seem to remember when I’m actually at the store.

    I’m experimenting with going without rice right now because I want to do the South Beach deal where you go for two weeks with extremely limited carbs.

    I can’t start that yet, though, because I have to wait until I have two weeks clear without any family or school dinners to attend…whenever that might happen. So brown is good.

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