On the road to curried chickpeas, or Day 7 on a diet

Life is okay today. I’ve been cooking. I haven’t been hungry. I haven’t gone over my calorie limit for the day. I’ve eaten an assortment of good vegetables. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this dieting thing. It is an acquired skill, it seems, but I’m usually a fairly quick study.

I made random stuff: curried chickpeas, broccoli-mushroom stir fry, a green bean and tomato something-or-other. I made too much of all of it, which is sort of the master plan. I don’t want to cook again until life gets hard again. I hope that will be at least several days.

The chickpea stuff and the green bean stuff I think I can eat on top of salads this week. This is my plan to avoid salad dressings. I’m making things that come with their own sauce. In the case of the chickpeas, it is a curry-yogurt sauce. Usually, I use coconut milk with curry. It was painful to me to give up the coconut milk, but yogurt doesn’t taste bad at all as the creamy agent of the dish. I hope I don’t change my mind about that tomorrow. I have lots of curried yogurt chickpeas.

The leftover broccoli and mushroom stir fry I plan to use in a crustless egg beater quiche. So I guess I do plan to cook something else this week, but once I make the quiche, I will have several days worth of breakfast on hand.

The green bean stuff just happened. It was an unplanned culinary event. My cousin posted a green bean tomato thingie on her blog today, and I thought it sounded good. What I made isn’t like what she made. The only ingredients I had from her recipe were the green beans and tomatoes, so I just sort of made up something of my own. I’d tell you what I did, but you’re better off going over to Kelly’s blog and using her recipe. She has a plan. I just had an unplanned event.

Anyway, I ate the beans warm today, but I think they will taste good cold too, and I plan to eat them on salads this week.

I’m glad I decided to go on a diet that didn’t require me to cook anything. I would have never gotten started any other way. Once I started, though, and more importantly, told people I had started, I couldn’t keep it up without cooking my own healthful alternatives to the unhealthy junk I’ve been eating.

Funny how that works.

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