A Lifestyle Change by Any Name is Still Expensive, or Day 4 on a Diet

Day 4, it turns out, is a great big giant improvement over Day 3. Though I’ve been hungry at times, I haven’t felt starved at any point. I haven’t felt shaky and panicked. I haven’t had any long, unpleasant daydreams about Snickers bars.

I’m not sure if that’s because I’m starting to adjust to fewer calories, or if it is because I went about things differently. I did not, you see, start the day with a Slimfast. I made an omelette instead…with Egg Beaters, of course. By my calculations, which could be wildly inaccurate for all I know, my omelette had about 260 calories. That’s 80 calories more than a Slimfast, but I didn’t feel hungry again all morning, which means I didn’t have a mid-morning snack, which means that in the end I consumed fewer calories in the am hours today than I did yesterday.

I did have a Slimfast for lunch. I was in my office by then, and honestly, there’s no place worse than Ellisville, MS to be on a diet, particularly if you are a vegetarian. Ask me sometime about the faculty dinner last year at which I ate a pack of snack crackers from my friend’s purse because there was not a single vegetarian item on the menu, not even the salad. I quake at the idea of returning for another faculty orientation for that reason alone. On a good day, the most vegetarian items to be found are cheese pizza and yogurt parfaits. Unless, of course, you don’t really care if your lettuce leaves are a little wilty and you have to pick a little ham off of them. On a bad day…well, there are some bad days. That’s all I’m going to say.

At any rate, it isn’t possible to diet at work without taking your own lunch. I took Slimfast because I didn’t have time to think up anything else.

An hour later I was hungry. I ate some almonds and muddled through.

I still had a better day. I still had a hungry but not starved day. Maybe it is all about the egg beaters.

Last night I read the South Beach Diet book on the recommendation of The Ben Reynolds (who works at The Johns Hopkins). There’s quite a bit in it about the importance of keeping your blood sugar levels level, hence my switch to the slow-to-digest omelette as opposed the liquid carbohydrates Slimfast.

I think there’s something to this. I feel much better.

I also went to the grocery store again today (third time this week). I bought three different kinds of salad dressing, two different kinds of salsa, and about ten cans of vegetarian chili. All of this is to answer my question of, “How can a vegetarian do the South Beach diet?”

With a whole lot of forethought, it seems, and with no small amount of cash. The different varieties of salad dressing, for example, seem immensely necessary to me as a means of keeping me from feeling too disgusted by the idea of eating yet another salad sans the full fat ranch of my choice.

The broccoli and mushrooms I bought today also seem necessary because they are broccoli and mushrooms, and they will taste good together.

None it is cheap, and none of it is immediately obvious to me. I have to walk around in the store and think about it. This leads to impulse shopping. Ask me about the toasted wasabi beans I came home with today. Impulse shopping is never cheap.

Still, I know no other way to start a “lifestyle change.”

This realization leads me to ponder once again how it’s no wonder that poor states like Mississippi have the highest obesity rates.

So my diet will last until I run out of money or until I figure out a way to make this less expensive, whichever comes first. It could go either way. Really. It could go either way.

8 thoughts on “A Lifestyle Change by Any Name is Still Expensive, or Day 4 on a Diet”

  • Good for you!! Slimfast is an evil bitch. Almonds are/were a good choice. Very filling. Fiber One yogurt is fabulous (you can even add almonds for crunch).

    Keep going!

  • Also, our Assoc. Dean is a vegetarian (as are many in our college). So, there is *always* a veggie option (more than salad and fruit). Have you requested a veggie option? I know it’s MS, but surely they can accommodate you.

    Fried cheese perhaps? 😉

  • Oh!!! And I am so happy to hear you say “lifestyle” change. Cuz that’s really what it is.

    (I, too, miss salads drowned in ranch dressing & ranch dressing on pizza crust & shots of ranch.) Fat free ranch SUCKS, btw.

    OK … I think I’m done now.

  • There’s a sub shop on campus. A veggie sub is my standard lunch, but that won’t do for a diet because of all the bread.

    There’s also a salad bar in the cafeteria. I just don’t like it because it never seems to be very good, and it makes me angry to pay a full cafeteria meal price for just the salad.

    There isn’t any kind of “lite” line now that I think of it. Even non-vegetarians on a diet must have issues with eating on campus. Hmmm…

  • PS–I haven’t thought about Joe’s cheese fries with ranch dressing on top in more than a decade, but I have been wanting them this week. 🙂

  • Thanks for the link, Krista. I bought some balsamic vinegar and some red wine vinegar, thinking I’d make my own dressings, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe some good food blogs will inspire me.

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