Not Everything Good is Bad

Meet Paul Thorn, Tupelo native, singer/songwriter, son of a preacher.

He caught my attention with the part about of going out in the world and learning that not everything he’d been told was evil really was. The part I really liked, though, was his discussion of what art is…which he says is essentially having something to say.

The interview is wonderful, but his “This I Believe” essay really hits home.

“I had to break away from the God I was supposed to believe in to find the God I could believe in.”

That, and if you don’t buy his CD, you’re probably not right. 🙂

Good stuff.

Thanks to the person who sent me this link. You know who you are. I won’t incriminate you without your permission, though, on account of we share a mama and all that just in case you didn’t want it told you’ve been listening to this trash. 🙂

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