December 1, 2023

Tuckered out I believe is the official term for how I feel right now, though I’m trying to quit saying things like “I’m tired,” “I’m too busy,” or “I’m stressed out.” Points off for unnecessary repetition and stating the obvious all the way around.

This was a good day, actually. I gave a presentation at the CFTTC pre-conference. I did a Twitter session, and I was all a flitter over it, but it worked out, I guess.

I left feeling energized by the possibilities for what I might do with my classes. I didn’t energize myself, mind you. There were other people speaking as well.

I also found out from a session I didn’t attend that Blackboard is going to be updated between the spring and summer terms, and we’re going to have to rebuild or courses because copying might not work this time. That news make me feel like one of those works I’ve vowed to quit saying.

But it also makes me feel creative. A clean slate is the best thing that can happen to a class sometimes. If you have to redo it, you might as well rethink it in the process.

I want to put class notes into colorful newsletter formats. Probably, this urge is the product of some bizarre personality disorder, but it seems to me that they would be more visually consumable for students that way.

I also want to make more podcasts. I’ve figured out they can be loaded into iTunes straight from a blog with no real effort, so it seems I really only have to make the recordings to proceed. I’m also getting more comfortable with Garage Band. I should be able to make regular recordings.

What I really want to see is an iTunes U site for my school. I don’t see anyone volunteering to take that on, though, so I may be better off venturing out on a solo mission.

That’s about it for that. Shoot me with a tranquilizer gun if I take on any more new projects at any point before this semester ends.

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