April 22, 2024


Cranes 64-68 of 1000 for 2016.

My photo challenge today was “all in a row.” I made five cranes instead of three today to make up for the fact that I only made one yesterday and to give a little boost to the concept of lining up. I went to the extra effort there, but I was feeling rushed over the photo. I was trying to do a job today. I made the cranes while reading course materials. I had to take a break from working to take the picture. That’s just to say I was unhappy with the results on the photo, so I went looking for a quote to slap on the image in order to pretty up the fact that I didn’t like the photo. Sometimes you just have to cover up a lackluster job with pretty words.

I like these words, though. I’m glad I went out in search of them. I feel like I’m in a curve where I can’t see where the queue I’m standing in is headed. I guess I needed these words today.

Peace and love, friends. This is all I have today.

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