A Forum of One

Some people impulsively purchase shoes. I impulsively create websites. One day last week I impulsively created a message board for my own family genealogy. This pretty much immediately felt embarrassing. One, no one uses message boards anymore. That’s why I didn’t just start posting to the message boards already in existence at Ancestry.com. Everything I’m interested in there is years old at this point. Two, this message board is only about researching my own family, which severely limits the number of people who might want to join in discussions with me.

I considered deleting the whole thing and pretending I’d never done it. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve created a website one day and deleted it the next.

This time, though, I took another look at my little forum, and I decided that even if I don’t use the message board platform for its intended purpose, it will still be useful to me. It may be that no one else ever joins, but that will be okay. I’ve decided to post to it anyway and just use it like an electronic notebook in which I am collecting information.

I’ve decided that no one wants to see my in-progress research on my own family history on my blog, so unless I have a really good story to tell, I’m just going to post whatever I come across on the forum instead.

Just in case you didn’t glance at it and snicker the other day when I first mentioned creating a message board, you can find it at sgerald.net/genforum, or just click here.

I added some stuff in the Ivey section earlier today. I plan to add a few things to the Gerald section a little later on this evening.

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