Where there’s a will and a bucket of money

I have just figured out how I can prove, without the benefit of historical records, the country of origin of my 5x Great Grandfather. I am now seeking financial backing for the project. This is going to take a lot of laundry room change, cousins. I hope you are prepared.

The question is this: What was the country of original for our American paterfamilias, James Gerald? Was he Irish? Was he French? Was he perhaps from somewhere else?

We don’t know because we don’t have records. But if everyone who is related to me sends me a whole bunch of money, I can find out by following a few simple steps.

1. We take DNA samples from a good cross section of James Gerald’s American descendents.
2. We go to Ireland and take DNA samples from a good cross section of people named Gerald and Fitzgerald who can demonstrate that their families have been in Ireland for at least 10 generations.
3. We go to France and take DNA samples from a good cross section of people named Gerald, Fitzgerald, or Frenchy versions thereof. Again, they need to be able to demonstrate that their families originate in France from at least 10 generations back.
4. We run comparisons for family matches and see where we get the strongest hits.

When I say we, I do mean me with the proper financial backing, of course.

Message me if you need my address for sending the checks. 🙂

Failing that, if anyone is interested in started a Gerald DNA project on Ancestry.com or some other site that allows for genetic genealogical research, let me know. Over time, maybe we can track down enough volunteers from varying lines of the Gerald/Fitzgerald family to answer the question from DNA.

I’ll still be glad for your checks, however. Really. Message me, and I’ll take your money off your hands.

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