Oh, Ellisville


I’ve had a burning desire to do a photo project on small towns in Mississippi for a full year now, ever since reading through Eudora Welty’s Collected Stories and studying her photo collections at the same time. My only problems were lack of time and lack of camera.

I now have the camera. It isn’t in the professional league, but it’s good enough for me, an entry-level camera for the serious amateur. I haven’t figured out the time part yet, but I have decided that I will take some time each day to set out walking from wherever I am looking for things to photograph. Since I’m more interested in found objects than people or landscapes–at least for now–this works out as a plan. Plus, it gets me away from my desk and enforces a small amount of exercise.

The past few days I’ve walked around campus. Today, I headed the opposite direction down Court Street into Ellisville itself. That’s when I decided I don’t have to tour the whole state to come up with a nice quirky collection. Ellisville is plenty weird enough for me.




I’m not confident enough yet with my camera to join a photo group, but there seems to be no shortage of subject matter. If I haven’t forgotten all about photography and taken up knitting or underwater basket weaving instead by the time I learn enough to do more with the camera, maybe I will join a group. Maybe there are other people in the world who could love Ellisville yard art like I do.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Ellisville”

  • Cool shots! I really like the shot of the door with the hand prints(?). Walking around taking pictures has been my main source of exercise over the past couple of weeks. It really does make it a little bit more bearable.

  • I love your yard art shots. My friends and I are addicted to capturing yard art. So sally forth, take you shots and if you are every inclined pay us a visit.

    I adore the bottle shrub.

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