Just Think Orange #photoaday #project365

338 of 365. Dear Crazy College Football Ranking System That No One Seems to Understand, I’ve been told there is a big controversy over which team is now #2 in the country and therefore which team will play LSU in “the big game.” I have two words for that: Think Orange. That’s all. Thank you […]

Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski

69 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. I have mixed feelings about Under the Overpass. It’s an interesting story. I was absorbed in it and didn’t want to put it down. I’m just not sure what I think of the whole operation this story is based on. Mike Yankoski and a friend decided to live […]

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

68 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. I’m a fan of Bill Bryson, and I wasn’t disappointed in this book. In a Sunburned Country is Bryson’s tale of traveling across Australia, looking at the country through the eyes of an American. It’s as funny and informative as his other books. He reminds us that Americans […]