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It’s poets all the way back #photoaday #project365

230 of 360. I got this book in the mail today that was published by a Florence Gerald in 1880. She was my great-great-great-great-grandfather’s great-granddaughter. Please don’t ask me to figure out what that means. […]

Infamous Cousins

It seems my great great great great grandfather had a grandson. Judge George Bruce Gerald was the grandson of Gabriel Gerald, my great great great great grandfather and the first of my line of Geralds […]

Baby H is Here!

Meet my newest family member. Mommy (my niece) and baby doing well. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Fear and Loving in Mississippi

Be afraid. From Cybershot Pics The Doll, whose name I don’t remember if indeed it ever had a name beyond The Doll, lives. It looks like something of a horror movie. Hollywood might want to […]


I’m working on a big project right now, attempting to meet a big deadline. This means I’m randomly clicking around and looking up things like compost bins while I think through what I need to […]

On Safari

They said they were going on Safari, for which evidently the only equipment required is a pair of binoculars, known around here as a “close up camera.” That’s what Dusty called it when he was […]

The Cuz Club, 2nd Gen

When my nieces were little, they created “The Cuz Club” and held regular meetings at my parents’ house. The effort was spearheaded by Jessica, who appointed the officers every year and somehow always ended up […]

Tradition and the Individual Christmas

Tradition is a fluid process, not a fixed point. And so it is that we put away the remnants of another Christmas past, burdened by our efforts to please both tradition and present reality. The […]