Sunscape #photoaday #project365

171 of 365. This is the view from my dad’s garden at the end of the day. Don’t assume that because I ended my day there I was slaving away in the garden all day. I had really only just arrived in time to catch the sunset. I did stay long enough to pick a […]

Up to Our Ears #photoaday #project365

This is a shot of my dad’s corn at sunset. He didn’t feel well today and in fact spent a good part of the day at the doctor’s office, but that didn’t stop him from going out to the garden at the end of the day. If my brother hadn’t been there to do the […]

A Very Berry Day #photoaday #project365

166 of 365. I’m too tired to post anything else tonight. I spent the day picking blueberries in 100 degree heat. If I didn’t love them so much, I’d probably hate them after today.

Foods of a Certain Sound #dieting

Dieting Again: Day 7 In Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, there’s a baboon named Khufu who only eats food that end with the letter O — Doritos, Cheerios, and I am sorry to say an occasional Flamingo. This idiosyncrasy made me laugh. I’ve thought about going on a letter diet before as well. For me, it’s […]