Month: July 2011

The Face of Nature #photoaday #project365

206 of 365. Is it just me, or is there a face in that rain drop?

Just Another Sunset #photoaday #project365

205 of 365.

Splash of Yellow #photoaday #project365

204 of 365. I’ve let most of the color die out of my flower beds, but I do still have a little splash of yellow.

Grumpy Cat #photoaday #project365

203 of 365. Something there is that doesn’t love a flash. I sympathize. I really do. Some days I just want everyone to back off and leave me to embrace my own grumpiness too.

Unravelling #photoaday #project365

202 of 365. 105 in my Cranes for Hope project. This bird is a little frayed around the edges, and so is the crepe myrtle it landed in. The state of the bird probably reflects […]

Landing on the Home Key #photoaday #project365

201 of 365. 104 in my Cranes for Hope project. Glad to be home…

The Mansion #photoaday #project365

200 of 365. This is Rowan Oak, William Faulkner’s home in Oxford, MS. I toured it today. I also sat on the porch and read a chapter from Faulkner’s book The Wild Palms.

On the Square #photoaday #project265

199 of 365. This is the courthouse in Oxford, MS. Things are strangely quiet here this evening, but my sister and I did enjoy walking around the square.

Just Another Day in Paradise #photoaday #project365

198 of 365. 103 in my Cranes for Hope project. We’ve had a very hot and very dry summer and have only just this week gotten some relief with a series of storms. Today I […]


I started 2011 with the goal to blog about 52 books in 52 weeks. I’ve just finished my promised 52 books, and it looks like I still have a few weeks left in the year. […]