Month: June 2011

Bottled Up #photoaday #project365

174 of 365. 90 in my Cranes for Hope project.

Feeling a Little Blue #photoaday #project365

173 of 365. 89 in my Cranes for Hope project.

Sister to a Paper Crane #photoaday #project365

172 of 365. 88 in my Cranes for Hope project.

Sunscape #photoaday #project365

171 of 365. This is the view from my dad’s garden at the end of the day. Don’t assume that because I ended my day there I was slaving away in the garden all day. […]

A Safe Place to Land #photoaday #project365

170 of 365. 87 in my Cranes for Hope project. Sometimes all you want is a safe place to land for a little while.

Happy Birthday, Captain America #photoaday #project365

169 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Begins with H. Hero begins with H, and this super hero is 6 today.

Eye on the Sparrow #photoaday #project365

168 of 365. 86 in my Cranes for Hope Project.

Up to Our Ears #photoaday #project365

This is a shot of my dad’s corn at sunset. He didn’t feel well today and in fact spent a good part of the day at the doctor’s office, but that didn’t stop him from […]

A Very Berry Day #photoaday #project365

166 of 365. I’m too tired to post anything else tonight. I spent the day picking blueberries in 100 degree heat. If I didn’t love them so much, I’d probably hate them after today.

Foods of a Certain Sound #dieting

Dieting Again: Day 7 In Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, there’s a baboon named Khufu who only eats food that end with the letter O — Doritos, Cheerios, and I am sorry to say an occasional […]