Author: Sharon Gerald

Shoe Art #photoaday #365

Day 2 of 365. Taken with a Canon Rebel T1i. CinemaScope effect from This shoe has been on that fence post for weeks. Now that the holiday decorations are sagging and disappearing, this is […]

Test post

I am doing 43 things.

Orange in 74

Taken with an iPhone 3G. Processed with the 1974 effect in the CameraBag app. The oranges are my sister’s. I haven’t bought anything that pretty or healthy lately.

After the party #photoaday #365

Day 1 of my 2011 Project 365.  Taken with a Canon Rebel T1i.  No processing. This cake was in my mother’s refrigerator.  No doubt it was only there because my brother thought we’d already eaten […]

Let the resolutions commence

Welcome to 2011 and the all new installation of WH.  The blog switch over went off without a hitch if you don’t count accidentally deleting my sub-domains in the process a hitch.  I didn’t much […]