And she says Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home (The Diet, Day 12)

I woke up this morning to the realization that I had to buy a Wii.  Strictly for medical purposes, you understand.  School starts for me on Monday, and something has to control my stress levels and keep me motivated to stick with a fitness plan.  Treadmills are fine for what they do, but treadmills are […]

The iPad is learning to cook (The Diet, Day 11)

If I could send the iPad to the kitchen to make a diet-worthy sandwich for me, I would.  Alas, even Steve Jobs hasn’t gotten that close to living the Jetson’s life.  So I just asked the iPad about sandwiches.  More specifically, I downloaded a couple of cookbooks after I realized the sandwich I’d just made […]

Two iPods and a Key Lime Yogurt (The Diet, Day 10)

The Diet has calmed down to the point that it doesn’t constantly torture me, at least not in my own home.  We’ve established a tentative truce, though lasting peace negotiations are still underway.  I did have one episode today in which it became absolutely necessary to consume something I could call junk food.  That turned […]

For the love of the iPad

I’ve been asked to give a 45 minute talk next week on the iPad in education. I have about 30 seconds worth of stuff to say on that, so it occurs to me that I might need to devote some time today to thinking about it. I’ve been reading some of Steven Krause’s posts about […]

Wherefore art thou, Treadmill? (The Diet, Day 9)

If you tuned in to yesterday’s episode of the Diets of My Life, you know that after one full week of dieting I lost exactly nothing, according to my bathroom scales. By mid-morning I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond purchasing new scales. Clearly there was something malfunctioning. My scales are quite suspect. They are […]

Julie and Julia and Sharon

I watched Julie and Julia last night. If you are trying to diet, you really should watch a movie that features butter as a main character. Maybe it’s a test of your own character if you don’t go microwave a vat of it and slurp it down before the movie ends…or at the very least […]

Meeting Minos at the scales, or after one week on The Diet

For the gluttonous, Minos wraps his tail around himself three times, indicating that they are not the worst of the sinners, but they indeed face severe consequences. Their punishment lies beyond that of the lustful. They go to Circle 3, whereas even the most famous of illicit lovers reside in Circle 2. In Circle 3, […]

On the road to curried chickpeas, or Day 7 on a diet

Life is okay today. I’ve been cooking. I haven’t been hungry. I haven’t gone over my calorie limit for the day. I’ve eaten an assortment of good vegetables. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this dieting thing. It is an acquired skill, it seems, but I’m usually a fairly quick study. I […]

Wolf's Passage Chapter 4

I decided I was going to have to either quit posting chapters of this or quit apologizing for posting them.  🙂 So here is chapter 4 of the fantasy novel I am writing for personal entertainment.  I am posting it without apology. Posted via email from Just Haphazardry