We have met the enemy…

My friend Jeanne reminded me of this… Indeed.  He is us.  Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

What are You Willing to Do?

I am one person air conditioning 1400 square feet of space for just one person, a couple of cats, and a couple of plants. I drive about 50 miles a day just going to work and back. I go to the store where I buy individually packaged dinners in individual plastic wraps. The dinners are […]

WYWOF: Day 2

The image here is a screen capture to show the "before" look to www.sgerald.net.  Today I spent about 15 minutes making changes as per my decision yesterday to play along with Karl Stolley's www.whileyouwereonfacebook.com challenge.  The color is not a big change.  All I did was to choose a different color in a drop down […]

While You Were on Facebook

Karl Stolley posted a link to his new site, While You Were on Facebook, on Facebook. How else would I have ever known about it? So the challenge has been issued. This summer spend 15 minutes a day doing something other than goofing off on Facebook. But no, don’t do just anything. Don’t do the […]