Pine Blossom

IMG_4420, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald. I don’t know why people don’t use these for decorations more.

Day 3: National Poetry Month

My Journally prompt today was “Grape Kool-Aid, halfhearted happenstance, and the memory of….” Whatever that means. Here’s what I did with it. Whatever this means. Halfhearted Happenstance Even chaos slacks off on the job from time to time, leaving you to drink your own Kool-Aid, believe the revisionist memories you’ve made up to placate guilts […]

Day 2: National Poetry Month

My Journally prompt today is “Like a cheap pair of shoes, ________ pinches at my day until….” Here’s what I’ve done with it: Like a cheap pair of shoes the desire to please too many people pinches at my day until I displease everyone with equal aplomb. I am digging in the dirt while you […]

Day 1: National Poetry Month

As promised, I posted a new writing prompt to Journally to kick of National Poetry Month today. I’m hoping to post a new prompt every day for the month of April. I’m hoping to keep it just weird enough to keep even me interested. You can follow the prompts on the Journally site or on […]

Busy Bee

busy bee, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald. It looked like I was seeing a cartoon face of a bee in the thumbnail version like the kind from Bee Movie. I think that was my April Fool’s joke.