Try, Try, Try

Today’s photo: Alice accepts that friendship is risky. Today’s extra photos: Self-Portrait of an Introvert The introvert tries again to pose for a selfie Today’s lesson: Whether you succeed or not, just keep trying. My photo prompt for today was to take a photographic risk. I groaned when I saw this. I knew I needed […]

Got that Wednesday afternoon religion

Today’s photo: Alice is a spiritual work in progress. Today’s lesson: One person’s cliche is another person’s tried-and-true. When I took a picture of Alice on New Year’s Day, I was just taking a picture for that day. I wasn’t trying to set up a month-long or year-long project with a single object. I’m on […]

In which math is a snug pair of pants

Today’s photo: This time of year the numbers really start to bother a girl like Alice. Today’s lesson: Embrace your failures. I consider this shot a failure mainly because I hated it almost as soon as I posted it. I thought of at least ten other ways I could have gone about this that would […]

Use the in-between times

Today’s photo: Alice’s attitude was a touch frosty toward going to work this morning. Today’s lesson: If you don’t have time to meet your goals, use the in-between times. This was my first day back at work after the Christmas break. I feared it would be one of those days when I felt too overwhelmed […]

The happy you take is equal to the happy you make

Today’s photo: Some days Alice just wants to take a potato to the park. Today’s lesson: The redeeming moments in any given day are small but prolific. Grab the happy where you can. Since this is supposed to be part of my blog series on what I’ve learned from doing photo 365 projects, I’ll start […]

Just do something, Alice #photo365 #lifelesson

Today’s photo: Alice isn’t sure green is her color. Today’s lesson: Every little bit counts. If you don’t think you can do it all, just get up and do something. Alice is already feeling bad about her New Year’s resolutions. She really wants to be all hopeful and proud of her chance for a new […]

Some like it quirky #photo365 #photographylesson

Today’s photo: Alice needs fortification to start her day. Today’s lesson: Learning your way around the camera is as much about learning your way around your own imagination as it is about the camera. I started using Alice as a photo prop a few months ago. My friend bought a dress mannequin for her house, […]

I don’t have much, but I have the whole sky

From the category “Things my camera taught me,” today’s lesson is simple: The whole sky belongs to you. My photo of the day is titled, “like fire needs oxygen.” I used the photo prompt as the title. When I saw that the prompt was “like fire needs oxygen,” I had no idea what to do, […]

The big picture can happen in a small space

When I completed my first photo 365 project (taking a picture a day for a year), people kept asking me what I’d learned, and I kept shrugging and saying something vague like “lots of things.” It was true. I’d learned too much to encapsulate it all in one short summary. Now that I’ve completed my […]