Man and Machine #photoaday #project365

17 of 365. Not a very good shot, but don’t blame Steve.  I didn’t have a very steady hand with the iPhone camera. I’ve been listening to the Steve Jobs biography on my iPod Classic.  Somehow it seems appropriate.

Fade to Gray #photoaday #project365

15 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Gray. I think most of the world has faded to gray for the winter — at least in my part of the world. This was processed using the iPhone app Camera Bag and the Magazine effect. I think I’ve decided to do my 365 this year primarily with […]

Total Failure

This is not a success story. Perhaps other people announce they are going to be better at simply being better and bumble along from day to day in such a manner as to somehow eke out success, but those people are not me, and their story is not mine. Last week, I said I was […]

One Step At a Time #photoaday #project365

14 of 365. After being sick all week, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to walk very far, but I thought it was important to try. I went to the track at Wesley Hospital and managed 3/4 of a mile. That’s a far cry from where I wanted to be today, but it’s […]

New Day Dawns #photoaday #project365

13 of 365. After being sick all week, I really did feel like there was a whole new day dawning as I left for work this morning. This was done using Instagram on the iPhone. I seem to have fallen into the pattern of mainly using my phone for photos these days. I’m enjoying the […]