Catching up on Books

I’m going to do a three-for-one book blog with this entry as a way of catching up a little. One way or the other my 2011 book blogging challenge is coming to a close. Originally, I said my goal was to read and blog about 52 books this year. That would have been an average […]

Let your fingers do the walking #photoaday #project365

349 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Shopping. I keep saying that I’m only going to buy from small businesses in order to help the local economy, but when it comes right down to it, the only shopping I really like to do is with the mouse pad.

Tick Tock #photoaday #project365

347 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Silver and Gold. My 15-year clock is trimmed in silver and gold (the colors, that is). It’s nice enough but would be much nicer if it had come with a raise. 🙂