Silly for Sunsets #photoaday #project365

263 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Starts with S. I’ve taken so many sunset shots this year that they feel like a cop out on the 365 project, but who can resist a sunset?

Ahoy, Matey! #photaday #project365

262 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Pirate. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! If “pirate” had been the topic a couple of days ago, I could have used this.

Where there’s a will and a bucket of money

I have just figured out how I can prove, without the benefit of historical records, the country of origin of my 5x Great Grandfather. I am now seeking financial backing for the project. This is going to take a lot of laundry room change, cousins. I hope you are prepared. The question is this: What […]

Genealogy by DNA, Part 2

I’ve had quite a good time today studying the DNA map I got in the mail yesterday and trying to make sense of it. I’m sure I should have tried to learn more about what can be determined about ancestry through DNA before I ordered a test, but there’s nothing like having the results in […]

Genealogy by DNA

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about one of my distant relations who was somewhat infamous. This was something of a random topic for me. I just ran across the information online and was so entertained by it that I had to share. I found out from this that I have a […]

My DNA Map #photoaday #project365

258 of 365. This is a map that matches my DNA profile to populations around the world. I zoomed in on Europe because that’s where all of my matches were. Green indicates a strong match. Yellow indicates a good match. Red indicates a weak match or no match. The DNA kit was ordered from