If it's good enough for Stephen Fry… (The Diet, Day 29)

I spent some time on the treadmill today listening to Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About the Bike (co-authored by Sally Jenkins who has visited my school a couple of times). I thought it was a great treadmill book. It’s sportsy and motivational. You would feel like a real dog for getting off the treadmill too […]

Recipes to Try (The Diet, Day 28)

Forgive me while I use my blog like a personal notebook. These recipes were found via Kalyn’s Kitchen. I’m posting them here so that I won’t forget where to look for them again. Lentil, Herb, Feta Salad Shandong-Style Asparagus Spicy Collards and Black-Eyed Pea Soup Easy Spinach Nests And these I found by wandering onward […]

Helping Hand

He's helping his little sister climb into a kiddie pool.  Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

Farmer's Market

From South Beach Diet Pics $15 spent at the Hattiesburg farmer’s market to have the peas shelled and the beans snapped. Plus, I didn’t even have to think what I needed. The ladies told me: “You need some peas with your tomatoes and squash, don’t you, honey?” Indeed. 100% South Beach Diet Phase 1 approved.

Breakfast of Champions (The Diet, Day 27)

From South Beach Diet Pics I decided I would go ahead and blog today’s diet update while I was still on top of my day. This is breakfast–a peanut butter cup smoothie made by a recipe found by way of Kalyn’s Kitchen. I don’t know who Kalyn is, but I love her kitchen. I’m guessing […]

South Beach Survival Camp (The Diet, Day 26)

It’s not yet 5:00, and I’ve already eaten a bowl of the coleslaw pictured above. I’d say that means I’m feeling better considering I had trouble eating at all in the afternoons and evenings the past few days. Aside from the possibility of simply having adjusted better to the diet, I have two possible explanations: […]

In which she does not know if she has cheated (The Diet, Day 25)

I’m not sure South Beach is all it’s cracked up to be. At least, I’m not sure I should have started it after school started back when I had limited time for working on my own meals. Phase 1 is difficult to figure out, particularly for a vegetarian. Because the book doesn’t discuss a vegetarian […]

Locavoring vs. Dieting (The Diet, Day 24)

I’ve been an extremely bad locavore through my transition into being a dieter. In fact, I’ve all but given up on the idea of environmentally conscientious local food habits. That is except for eating the banana peppers that are still growing profusely in my backyard due to my bout of good intentions last spring. I’ve […]

In search of a good nap (The Diet, Day 23)

I was hit with a megawave of tired today. I think that has more to do with the fact that I was up too late last night than with the fact that I’ve been dieting and exercising. I’m still working on adjusting to school-year hours vs. summer hours. I’ve decided I’m going to help myself […]

Week 4 = Phase 1 (The Diet, Day 22)

I lost two pounds this week, according to the Scales of Doom. I’m crediting the Wii for the fact that I’m finally starting to lose weight. If the sports games aren’t doing it, surely I am burning off lots of calories yelling at Mario when I can’t figure out how the Wii version of the […]