A Lifestyle Change by Any Name is Still Expensive, or Day 4 on a Diet

Day 4, it turns out, is a great big giant improvement over Day 3. Though I’ve been hungry at times, I haven’t felt starved at any point. I haven’t felt shaky and panicked. I haven’t had any long, unpleasant daydreams about Snickers bars. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m starting to adjust to fewer […]

Never Go to Wal-Mart Hungry, or Day 3 on a Diet

Seriously? This is only Day 3? I would have thought it was about Day 400. It feels like I’ve been hungry for more than a year. Which is why I should not have gone to Wal-Mart today, or at the very least I should not have gone before consuming something more than one container of […]

You Only Want What You Can't Have, or Day 2 on a Diet

Distrust everyone who tells you dieting is easy. Everyone. For any reason. It isn’t easy at all. Diets are evil, pure and simple. And yes, we all know that diets don’t work and that healthy eating is the ticket and all that mumbo jumbo, but there comes a time when, as my friend told me, […]

Today's Column: 7/27/2010

In today’s Hattiesburg American: Last week Newsweek featured an article claiming creativity is on the decline in America. This conclusion comes from a study at the College of William and Mary. It’s based on Torrence scores, a test that has been used to measure creative thinking in children since the 1950s. The Torrence data says […]

Would you like a sandwich with that SlimFast?

Robert St. John’s column about sandwiches in which he happens to mention he is going on a diet reminds me that I too have determined to diet. It also reminds me that I want a sandwich. Probably egg salad for the protein because diets are hard work. Last week I went to lunch with a […]

Textbook Cost Legislation

A friend sent this link today about a proposed bill to regulate textbook costs for college students: “Lawmakers push for open online textbooks” I’m not sure the bill actually does have anything to do with open online textbooks. That seems more of an afterthought proposed as a possible solution by the author of the article […]