Sugar Magnolias

blossoms blooming heads all empty and I don’t care


I’m working on a big project right now, attempting to meet a big deadline. This means I’m randomly clicking around and looking up things like compost bins while I think through what I need to do next. Here’s my randomstance hit of the day: John William HARGER CCT, Friday, 13 Jan 1967 KOSCIUSKO – Services […]


You know I’m getting a little carried away with the whole gardening thing when I start pricing compost bins. They’re outrageous, by the way. Some cost as much as $200. Maybe that sounds normal to you, but if so, we’re not from the same place. This is how composting happens where I come from. Food […]

The Nissan Leaf

If I had an extra 30k sitting around, I’d be tempted to order a Nissan Leaf. I’d be tempted to do other things with it as well, but the Leaf would at least make the list of things I’d consider. It’s a truly cool thing. In the real world, I won’t be buying one any […]

I wonder what happens…

I wonder what happens if I send a Flickr link to Posterous.  Does it show up as a link or as an image?  Here's to finding out. Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

Huckleberry Bill

My dad is sort of a real life magician.  I made a random comment that it would be nice to have some real wild huckleberries like we used to pick in the woods when I was a kid, and suddenly we were in the woods with a bucket, huckleberries obligingly available.  Possibly I can conclude […]

Victory Gardens

Did you know there was a campaign during World War II to plant gardens for the sake of reducing the costs of transporting food and thereby for the sake of contributing to the war effort? I knew many people had gardens, and I knew that even schools often had gardens in efforts to be more […]