April is Still the Cruelest Month

Honestly, I should have taken a break from the blog for the month of April. I should have at least cut back. Clearly I haven’t had much of anything interesting to say. I seem to recall a lot of posts about how busy I am and how hard it is to keep doing a blog […]

Forever is a Fickle Thing

A few days ago I quit all my extra projects forever…except the blog and the journal prompts and the books projects and the summer workshops I’m putting together. Not that kind of stuff. All the other kind of stuff that makes me insane. That was Friday. Today I’m co-chairing an iPad task force. I don’t […]

Let the Mystery Be

This song came up in conversation this week. A friend said it summed up his life. I can only aspire to that level of zen-like acceptance. I tend to kick the mysteries around a little too much. I still think this is my favorite Iris tune. It doesn’t matter what she sings. It always sounds […]

The Teacher

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Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon

I got to spend some time with Kate Campbell this week, and a fine time it was. When she talked about Eudora Welty at JCJC, she said that she loves Eudora’s writing because Eudora writes the way she thinks. Exactly. Me too. And Kate sings the way I think. This is why when I first […]

The Monster at the End of the Week

I’m worn out. Perhaps I should start there. I’m exhausted. We’ve had a literary event every day this week at Jones, and I’ve basically coordinated the whole week. I think this is called going the extra ten miles for the job. The stress, fatigue, and general worry of it all have hit me hard today. […]

Almost Again

This is another one of those days when I feel I need to make an appointment with myself to breathe. If you’ve got something you need from me I can only wish you luck. That does, of course, make today a likely candidate for the day I break my blogging streak. Not so, it seems, […]

Almost the Day

This was almost the day I broke my blogging streak. I think this is Day 104 of continuous blogging. I had gone to bed already when I jerked myself awake with the thought that I had not posted anything. Thanks, blog. I’ll probably be awake all night now, and tomorrow is a long day. It […]