Kate Campbell is Coming to Town

I’m excited to say we have Kate Campbell coming to JCJC in April to help us Celebrate Eudora Welty’s birthday. She is a singer/songwriter who has written music based on Welty’s fiction. She also writes a great deal about civil rights and Southern culture in general. You can go to her website to listen to […]

The Cruelest Day

TS Eliot says “April is the cruelest month” in The Wasteland, but April really has nothing on the first day back to work after spring break in March. For a few days, you get to pretend summer is almost here. You get to toy about with the idea of gardening, drag some furniture out to […]

To Do, To Do, To Do

Today I’m facing up to the to do list I’ve done my best to ignore all week. I hardly have time to blog at all. I’m trying to write a book today. Or at least the chapter that I owe to a book. I certainly don’t have time to think about spring things for at […]

Project 2010

There were at least 100 things I needed to do today, but instead of focusing on any of them, I’ve spent the past hour picking out my favorites of the photos I’ve taken with my new camera to go into a Project 2010 album. This is not a 365 project. I’m not that disciplined, and […]

Gilead & Home by Marilynne Robinson

If ever two books should be read together, these two should. I’ve read them both twice now, and they are among my favorite individually. Together, they are even more compelling. Gilead won the Pulitzer a few years ago. I read it soon after. Read it, and bought extra copies to give away. I bought Home […]

Visitor #3

In six poses… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Name that Bird, Part 2

My mother is a bird watcher. She loves birds and does all she can to make them comfortable enough to hang around for her to watch. I usually give them a passing glance and move on with my life. I don’t know birds. Aside from the most glaringly obvious like Woodpeckers and Cardinals, I don’t […]

Name That Bird

This appears to be a Brown Thrasher. My extensive Wikipedia research indicates they can be difficult to spot, but this one seemed content enough to hang out on my fence, or my neighbor’s fence to be more precise since I never put one up. It’s a hazard of the camera that all manner of learning […]