The Flip: It's What's for Christmas

If you have kids, parents, teachers, grandparents, or people in general on your Christmas list that you love enough to spend $150 or more on, The Flip cam is the thing this year. YouTube tells us, “People are watching hundreds of millions of videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos […]

The Voices Inside My Head Don't Have to Breathe

I do. I have to breathe. When I stand in front of a group of people to read poetry, I have to breathe. I wish I wrote with my own need to breathe in mind. That would make it so much easier to stand up and say my poems out loud. My friend tells me […]

Let them read Captain Underpants

As an act of blogging, I’m cheating today by posting something I wrote last week. Click here to read my column that appeared today in the Hattiesburg American. Or just keep reading. Here’s the column: Give a fun reading gift LATELY I’VE BEEN reading a comic book about quantum mechanics, mainly to annoy my brother […]

Sherman vs. Kindle

 The above video is just icing. The one I want to respond to is Sherman Alexie’s appearance last night on The Colbert Report. Something there is that doesn’t heart the Kindle. Alexie, National Book Award winner for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, has a new book out, and he’s not Kindling […]

Notice of Intent to Write

It’s December 1, and I find myself with a wild hair about blogging my way through the month of December. A post a day for a month on this blog or another is my very best intention. I think I’ll do it unless, of course, I don’t, and/or unless, of course, I quit. There’s been […]