Around the World in 80 Books

I want to do an Around the World in 80 Books challenge, but I’m going to give myself two years to complete it, mainly because I also want to read the newest books coming out in the US and the English speaking countries. I’m starting in January, 2013, and I hope to have visited 80 countries through books by December, 2014. You can follow my progress on this page.

Note: I’m using the organization scheme of countries by region as provided by the Goodreads group Around the World in Eighty Books. Many of the countries might arguably belong to more than one of these regions, but I think the grouping will be helpful, and I might as well do it this way as any other.






1. England: Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel, Completed 1/3/13. 4 stars.

Latin America

The Middle East


North America

Total books so far: 1
Total countries so far: 1

Last update: 1/6/13

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